Perfect Distraction: Francis Inferno Orchestra ‘Oasis and A Time’ EP

At a time when the world feels as if its heading backwards it would be simpler all round for us to just bury our heads in the glittering sand and indulge in that most comforting of distractions. Nostalgia.

And yet this slice of brilliance from Francis Inferno Orchestra encourges the opposite of that – yes the video for the stand out EP track Oasis may be of those raving days we’d rather return to but the vibe is purely future looking. A tune that whilst stylishly acknowledging our roots assures us the only option we have is, as a certain Tenaglia once declared, to look ahead. Yes things are changing and life’s re-arranging but with Oasis in your system, trust me, happy times are comin’ your way.

Francis Inferno Orchestra ‘Oasis and A Time’ EP Tracklisting: 1. Oasis (Celestial Body Mix) 2. Oasis (Erotikk Mix) 3.  Mating Rituals In The Eastern Suburbs Released 27th January 2017 on Superconscious Records. 

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