Feeling the Voice I Hear courtesy of Mike Servito and The Black Madonna

This NYE I had the pleasure of meeting a certain dancing house queen. A DJ called Mike Servito who delivered a set so sweet, so rooted in the wonders of house music; old, new, acid, deep and dirty, that once I came home from Patterns and recovered I felt the love of Jack, all over again.

Photo: Josh Hiatt | thirdvisualsco.com

Berocca downed and headache dismissed I hunkered down and found this beauty, Servito B2B with The Black Madonna. Doing their thing with style, with grace and with booze. Just how I like my DJs.

So it was with some surprise when The Black Madonna’s single He is the Voice I Hear dropped into my inbox. At first listen I found it hard to place it alongside the party madness of her and Servito’s set. But come second listen… Come the moment that piano entered my brain, the moment that bassline, those strings, that delicious mix of live musicians really hooked me, I got it. (Again).  

From disco came house. From Jack came acid. From acid came Mike Servito and The Black Madonna and from their love affair with all things house came this. A moment to cherish. A lesson in the roots of what house is all about. Passion, emotion and love. So yes I’m smitten with the DJ I danced to on NYE. (My continuing love affair with Midland is another story). And yes I’m smitten with the girl they are calling No.1 and yes, I’m smitten with the voice I hear. After all. House is a feeling and thanks to these guys I’m feeling it over and over again. Thank you Mr Servito and Ms Madonna.

The Black Madonna “He Is the Voice I Hear” We Still Believe Click here to buy – yes buy not steal. Remember kids home taping is killing music.


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