Perfect Distraction: Justin Cudmore’s Forget It EP on The Bunker New York

Today I needed a bleep that didn’t resemble the various bleeping expletives coming out of my mouth in response to May’s latest sink-my-nation speech. I needed a perfect distraction. Thankfully Justin Cudmore’s Forget It has enough bleeps to disguise the sounds of me banging my head against my desk. In fact it has enough bleeps, filled with addictive basslines, vocal hooks and wiggly acid overtones, to please everyone. Old skool meets new skool. Chicago meets New York. Jack meets house (as if they needed reintroducing!) Wildblood meets her perfection distraction. Thank you Justin. Your fine EP debut on The Bunker New York has me sorted. Next job – removing head from desk and moving in an orderly fashion towards the resistance. To Cudmore’s fine soundtrack naturally. 

Justin Cudmore Forget It EP The Bunker New York Tracklist: A1 Forget It  A2 Sweet Phantasy B1  New Jack the House  B2 Moment Release date: February 10, 2017. 

Pre-order here – yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.

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