Perfect Distraction: Sandy Turnbull’s Deep Inside Yourself EP

More infectious than that annoying cough we’ve all been knocked sideways by and more spacey than Kevin, Sandy Turnbull’s new EP Deep Inside Yourself on Galleria Records will get your temperature rising in the right direction this January. Filtered, spacey and cooler than a menthol infusion, Deep Inside Yourself is everything you could desire from an underground house track. As Yoda would say, sweat you will. 

And if you want the heat rising further then the b-side brilliance of Going Back with its bouncing bassline and swish disco samples will deliver. Over and over and over. Just like Mr Turnbull’s ever expanding discog of the good stuff. Which is definitely what our chills need this winter. Hot house in cold climes. Turn it up.

Sandy Turnbull Deep Inside Yourself / Going Back  is released on Galleria Records on the 3rd February 2017

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