Celebrate and save The Sussex Beacon

I love Brighton for many reasons but up there at the top is our ability as a community to rally together, to support, to fundraise and to, in the case of The Sussex Beacon’s current situation, save. Its simple. Step up and support The Sussex Beacon or we will lose their vital services.

Here’s the fundrasing bit: tickets are now on sale for Celebration, a gala to benefit the Sussex Beacon on February 3rd. Grab your tickets at Prowler and Nice ‘n’ Naughty and join a host of sparkling performers including Myra DuboisLorraine Bowen, Maisie TrolletteMiss JasonDave LynnDavina SparkleKara van ParkSally Vate and dancers from The Brighton Academy, choreographed by Emma Green. To pre-book tickets online click here.

And here’s the science bit, the bit sadly too familar in today’s times of austerity. “The Beacon is facing the prospect of closure including its ten bed inpatient unit, following a reduction in the funding it receives from the NHS. Changes to local commissioning arrangements have led to a reduction in statutory funding. The Sussex Beacon has already lost funding and further cuts seem likely in the future. The charity costs over £2 million a year to run and cannot continue to absorb the budget cuts. The Beacon has already made the painful decision to close its psychological services at the end of March this year, due to a loss of funding”.

“The Sussex Beacon provides specialist support and care for people living with HIV through both inpatient and outpatient services. It helps hundreds of people living with HIV in Sussex each year and was rated ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission in September. While many people living with HIV are now able to live long and healthy lives, there are still many who need specialist services. Last year The Sussex Beacon’s inpatient unit had 233 admissions and was full for the majority of the year. It provided over 2,000 bed nights, relieving pressure on both health and social care services in Sussex”. For more info visit sussexbeacon.org.uk

To sign the petition to save The Sussex Beacon please click here.

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