Perfect Distractions: Lee Garrett’s Mind

Yesterday it was suggested I start keeping a “reasons to be grateful” journal. You can imagine this seasoned cynics response. But then the idea sunk in and I realised what indeed a lucky bugger I am. And I’m feeling truly lucky today as I count this fella amongst my disco mates. The ever gorgeous, ever generous Lee Garrett. Who yet again deserves our dancefloor attention thanks to his latest single Mind on Swerve Digital. A slice of flawlessly produced house that insists on the wiggle – all tribal like. And with remixes from Pete Dorling, A Lister and Fancy Inc it is a package you’ll be happy to go home with. Much like the gorgeous Mr Garrett – if only he wasn’t spoken for. A family man producing house for our clubbing family that will keep you dancing till dawn. All mindful like.

Lee Garrett’s Mind is out on February 20th on Swerve Digital. Pre order and buy here. Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.


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