Perfect distraction: Hercules and Love Affair’s Fader

So this just hit me. And now I’m grinning. The promise of those late summer nights and dirty early mornings is back as Fader teases us with the prospect of another longplayer from Hercules & Love Affair. So yeah I am loving what the thought of Butler and Co is doing to me. But then when some of my life’s finer moments have been soundtracked by these NYC knights in shining electronic armour, why wouldn’t I be excited.

If this industrial beat infused taster Fader isn’t enough to wet your herculean appetite for the grimer side of 80s pop then you’d best check your pulse. It’s time for the return of Hercules and Love Affair.  A musical interpretation of intense sub-dom sexual roleplay anyone?

Hercules and Love Affair featuring Faris Badwan Fader on Mr Intl is out now.  Buy here. Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.

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