Home Service LGBT+ History Month Special Part 2

From Brighton’s very own Mistresses At Work otherwise known as “Little” Queenie Vaseline and Katie “Dope” G-String (gawd help us), its time for Home Service to deliver a house service for you to listen again (and again and again) on Mixcloud.

Yes delve into the second part of our RadioReverb LGBT+ History Month Home Service specials as we celebrate our LGBT+ night clubbing culture in Brighton. Yes we are going back baby, way back, as we enjoy the house that Jack (and Jackie) made. Expect nothing but four to the floor magic as we remember dance floors past, the clubs we lost it in and the DJs who helped make us feel love all night long.

Yes we’ve got house of the historic kind coming way your with diva action from Kim English and Barbara Tucker, some camp nonsense from RuPaul plus spellbinding wonders from Black Magic, Inner City, ATFC, Ralphi Rosario, Salif Keita, Ministers Da Funk and Bob Sinclar. Delivered Home Service style. Just how we like it.

RadioReverb is the 24 hour community radio station for Brighton and Hove, broadcasting on 97.2FM, DAB and online, run by volunteers and firmly rooted in the city’s community. We are a non-profit organisation which aims to produce the kind of radio programmes you won’t hear on mainstream radio and be as all-encompassing in our remit as possible. radioreverb.com


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