Perfect Distraction: Horse Meat Disco’s ‘Residents on the R1 Residency’ mix for Eats Everything

This week there are four simple sequined steps to this Wildblood grabbing some much needed glittering happiness. 1. Hearing your disco loved ones debut on the Radio 1 ‘Residents on the R1 Residency’ mix courtesy of Eats Everything‘s exquisite taste in DJs. 2. Getting a first listen of their debut single I’m Still Waiting featuring vocals by Roy (surely a contender for saucy single of the year already!) 3. Busting a proud wiggle everytime you play their 28 minute mini-mix of disco bliss. 4. Ending their superb session with my current obession, the Stevie sensation that is Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long [The Reflex Revision].

Yep with this Horse Meat Disco Radio 1 ‘Residents on the R1 Residency’ mix for Eats Everything I’ve got a feeling Severino, Luke, Jim and James won’t be keeping us waiting too long for a disco year to remember.

Grab a listen on BBC RadioPlayer

Horse Meat Disco Facebook | Twitter |  Rinse FM (Award-winning radio don’t you know!)


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