Pet Shop Boys to headline Brighton Pride’s Summer Of Love


Since those I first heard West End Girls the Pet Shop Boys had me hooked. I’ve followed their every sonic adventure as I gave them my Heart because Love Comes Quickly when you are Domino Dancing with queer electro pop’s finest stars. And so when the news broke that my favourite kooky hat electronic duo were headlining at my favourite UK Pride event I knew there was no chance of my summer Being Boring. Yep the band who’s lyrics are Always On My Mind (I could go on doing this title thing forever – some many great tunes so many Opportunities!) I knew I’d not be asking What Have I Done To Deserve This. I just knew Brighton Pride 2017 was gonna be Super. Naturally. Actually.

The Pet Shop Boys headline Brighton Pride Festival in Preston Park on Saturday the 5th August 2017. Don’t succomb to Jealousy. Grab your First Release Tickets here.

Pet Shop Boys Web | Facebook | Twitter

Brighton Pride Web | Facebook | Twitter 


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