Queenie & Wildblood 27033+ steps for Red Nose Day

This year I’ve has been stepping up towards better mental health by taking on the 10000 steps a day challenge. Experiences not things. Blisters not boredom. Its been a massive change for me and one that living with BPD can make a little, well, lets just say interesting to say the least. Depression and the symptoms of BPD can often make you feel like you are battling through concrete just by getting out of bed in the morning so walking 10000 steps has been, as Salt’n’Pepper would put it, a chance to push it.

And so all this activity got me thinking. Why not make the most out of my new found love of putting one foot in front of another? So on Friday 24th March I’ll be walking from Rottingdean’s White Horse Hotel to The Big Beach Cafe at Hove Lagoon and, deep breath, back again for Comic Relief. Dressed in suitably Red Nose-d clothing. Shaking my collection tin. Accompanied by my Queen. With a stop off at The Tempest Inn for refreshments and a PE kit spruce up. Okay walking 12.8 miles may not seem a lot to many of you marathon addicted beauties out there but to me its a big step. So any pennies or pounds you have going spare please do donate today and help me fundraise to help people living incredibly tough lives in the UK and across Africa.

To donate please click here. To encourage please follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Every comment, hashtag, retweet and share helps.

Our Comic Relief walk will start at 9.30am at The White Horse Hotel, Rottingdean and we aim to be at The Tempest Inn, 159-161 Kings Road Arches at 11am* (outbound) / 1.30pm* (return)  and the Big Beach Cafe, Hove Lagoon Kingsway 12pm* with our collecting bucket. Come join us with your donations / laughs.

*Arrivals / departures are approximate based on weather, blisters, gossiping, wind factor and Queenie’s mincing times. 

About Red Nose Day 2017 Red Nose Day is back on Friday 24th March 2017 and it’s all about your power to make the world a better place, simply by having a great time. By raising cash this Red Nose Day, you’re helping to change lives. That’s because Comic Relief spends the money raised to help the people who really need it most, both here in the UK and across Africa. From workplace bake sales and fancy-dress fundraising in schools, to danceathons, quizzes and surreal sponsored challenges, put on a Red Nose and make your laugh matter by doing whatever you enjoy to raise life-changing cash. It all culminates in a massive night of comedy and entertainment, live on the BBC.

About Comic Relief Comic Relief is a UK charity which aims to create a just world, free from poverty – where everyone is safe, healthy, educated and empowered. Since 1985, Comic Relief has raised over £1 billion. That money has helped, and is helping, people living incredibly tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world. For information about Comic Relief and the work it carries out, please visit www.comicrelief.com   Comic Relief, registered charity 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland)


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