This Election Day vote for change

Tomorrow is the day to put yourselves in others shoes. The disabled facing devastating welfare cuts, the families who can’t make work pay, the students saddled with debt, the children living in poverty, the workers on zero hour contacts, the “freelancers” trying to make ends meet in the gig economy, the asylum seekers being charged for emails to the Home Office, the workers denied tribunals, the care workers struggling to maintain decent standards in 15 minute timed sessions, the families in poor housing, the young struck in a ruthless rental market, the commuters paying above inflation rail fares, the communities facing a rise in hate crime because they are being scapegoated for terrorism, immigration and the Tories ideological driven choices, the youth services trying to make a difference on a zero budget, the NHS doctors and nurses struggling to cope with endless cuts and ever increasing demands, the OAP’s wondering what the dementia tax will mean to them, the firefighters struggling for resources, the community police officers losing their jobs regardless of what that may mean for our nations safety, the veterans tossed aside, the homeless spending yet another night on the street, the mentally ill sat on waiting lists over a year long, the victims of bombs and arms supplied by to regimes supported by our government yet listed as human right abusers, people living with HIV / AIDS losing vital services and support, the kids who have lost their libraries, the children in Calais seeking sanctuary, oh and even the bloody foxes of our green and pleasant land. Corbyn and Labour may well not be the answer to all that ails this country right now but anything has got to be better than this. A Tory government lying its way back to power and five more years of rule that will continue to divide and destroy so much I hold dear. This time don’t just vote for your own personal gain, this time vote for all. Vote for something better than this. Vote for change.

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