Support PRiDe JA

Curating 2016’s Brighton Pride Uniting Nations exhibition was one of the most inspiring times of of my working life. Speaking to Pride activists across the world doing their thing to raise the rainbow flag and fight for equality in often the most challenging of regimes. Fighting back, fighting for love. Everyone of the countries I work with stayed with me. And always will. A post on a feed, a tweet, a blog, all keeping me in touch with the brave souls doing something we take for granted. Pride.

LGBTI Pride means something different in each location where it is celebrated. In Jamaica, it means being a visible part of the the country’s independence celebrations and demanding full social and legal inclusion.

Alturi is partnering with The Rustin Fund and J-Flag, Jamaica’s leading LGBTI rights organization, to support the ongoing march toward equality. They are asking our community to help make the third annual PRiDe JA a great success. Donate Here

The week-long celebration takes place August 1-8 and will bring together LGBTI people and their allies from across Jamaica. During the week bonds will be formed, progress celebrated, and community strengthened for the struggle ahead. So join the Pride family, support Jamaica Pride and be part of something special. Learn more about why pride matters in Jamaica.


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