1BrightonFM Pride 2017 Show with exclusive Dulcie Danger Mini Mix

Our disco sparkling new sound adventure continues with 1BrightonFM as we warm-up for Brighton Pride 2017 with a special Pride flavoured show as we play our favourite disco-queer-tech tunes. Add a exclusive One Upon A Dancefloor Mini Mix from the legendary Dulcie Danger (Wild Fruit / Kinky Dangerous / Hard Times) and you have the perfect pert preparations for Brighton’s proudest weekend.

Queenie & Wildblood on 1BrightonFM is an adventure fuelled by the love of a good groove and a combined record collection spanning over 102 years (blimey missus!), bringing the best underground disco, house and queer-disco-tech to you dear listener.

Add disco exclusives, longplaying lovelies and those Queenie giggles and you have us. On the radio. Doing our Queenie and Wildblood thing . A cherished chance to share our love of broadcasting as we get to play the good stuff in your ears live each and every fortnight. So that’s us. On the airwaves of 1BrightonFM. Feeling lucky and feeling loved up – just how it should be each and every day in this wonderful city of ours.

Queenie & Wildblood live on 1BrightonFM. Living for the music. Loving our city. Wednesday 26th July 8pm-10pm. 101.4FM, DAB & 1BrightonFM

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