Queenie’s Brighton Pride Weather Forecast 2017

It’s become a bit of a camp tradition. A moment of majestic mayhem as Queen Josephine dons her best twinset, dodgy weather symbols and delivers the news and weather for the forthcoming Brighton Pride Festival. Yes its not the most hi-tech of visual adventures and  we really should know better but seeing as we’ve been delivering them since 2009 it seems only fitting we carry on making right tits of ourselves for Pride. Like we do. Have a scorchio Pride and we’ll see you at the front! 

Queen Josephine’s Brighton Pride Weather Forecast 2017. No regal heads were harmed in the making of this forecast. Inspired by Susie Blake, Engleburt Humpledink and the many LGBTQIA people who came before us and gave us the freedom to enjoy some camp nonsense with Pride. Thanks to RadioReverb, Merlin & Ellis, Courtois Vintage at Snoopers Paradise Brighton, Tristan Townsend, Pete Greenwood and Brighton & Hove Pride – Paul Kemp, Dulcie Danger, Chris Jepson and co. Track by Butch Le Butch ‘Take You By Surprise’ Camp Stick Records

For Brighton Pride Festival, Pleasure Gardens, Pride Village Party and Official Pride Parties tickets and more info click here Please support all those venues, businesses, bars, clubs and parties supporting Brighton Pride as they fundraise for The Rainbow Fund – awarding grants to local LGBT+ charities and voluntary groups.


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