Forget Finding Wally. It’s time to find our clubbing wonders

The best thing about DJing together for the past 25 years has been you wonders. So many DJs, clubbers, hostesses and hosts, club freaks, and local characters, promoters, gogo dancers and disco lovelies. Without whom our time behind the decks would never have been as glittering. So take a look and forget finding Wally. Its time to find yourself and if you like what you see join our fundraising effort as we put the decent into the disco and fundraise for local charities MindOut and Blueprint 22.

Just donate £5 and you get the chance to win Diva & Gscene Magazine cartoonist Queen Josephine’s 25 Years Wonders A3 framed cartoon. Click here for your chance to win.

Make a donation of £5 and one raffle ticket with your name on goes into Queenie’s glittering handbag giving you a chance to win this fabulous framed pen and ink celebration of our past 25 years of Brighton clubbing history. Donate £10 and you get two chances to win, donate £20 and you get four chances – you get the idea. The bigger the donation, the chances you have to win and the more money we can raise for MindOut and Blueprint 22. The winner’s name will be drawn and announced at Midday on Monday 18th September 2017.

Blueprint 22 encourage young people to get motivated and involved in tailor-made projects designed specifically by young people for young people – with the support of the Blueprint 22 team.

MindOut is a mental health service run by and for lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgender people. Based in Brighton and Hove, they provide local services as well as a number of national initiatives.

And do join us on Saturday 16th September at The Tempest Inn, Kings Road Arches, Brighton from 6pm and at Horse Meat Disco at Patterns from 11pm till 4am as we do our disco thing and celebrate 25 glorious years of Djing, loving and you clubbing wonders. More info here and Horse Meat Disco £8 advance tickets here.

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