Perfect Distraction: Charles Green’s sublime Soul Figures EP

What would Brighton be without Mr Charles Green? There would be less grins, giggles and grooves thats for sure. Because he’s the kinda King Charles whom I always want to rule my dancefloor. And with action as good as his latest Soul Fingers EP on the ever pert ASOK label, it is a cert he’ll continue to do so.

Be it the techno jam hot happening that is RDT#2, the cowbells fuelled machine manoeuvres of RDT#1, the late night after party beauty that is X200, the glorious bleeping brilliance of Gamma Rays or the heavenly state of mind that is Soul Figures, Charles Green delivers. Over and over. But then what else would one expect from the Patterns boy wonder who’s been making our late night dancefloor dates so must-do year on year on year. A passionate collection of tunes as sublime as the seaside is salty, Charles Green’s Soul Figures EP is techno and house music you’ll wanna get lost in. All night long.

Charles Green’s Soul Figures EP is out on ASOK on 3rd November 2017. Pre-order here. Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.

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