Perfect Distractions: PBR Streetgang’s Late Night Party Line

There’s nowt like the news of an imminent PBR Streetgang debut longplayer to make a girl’s day. Yep Late Night Party Line is on its way come December the 1st on Skint and if their teaser single is a sign of beats to come then we are in for a right naughty winter treat. But then whenever Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe get it on together you just know the result is gonna be hot, whatever the season. “This album is a reflection of music we love, love to play and has influenced us. It’s been really interesting to make something that gives you a full hour listening experience” said Mr Bradberry. Whilst Thorpe declared “We’d been talking about making an album for a while, so when we started the process in the studio we quickly found our flow and everything came together naturally. Making the album was simply a lot of fun – I hope people can feel that!” So you heard the boys, it’s time to feel the Late Night Party Line, purchase that teaser vinyl and prep for PBR Streetgang. Never has there been a better reason to want it to be December.

PBR Streetgang’s Late Night Party Line is out on Skint December 1st 2017. The teaser single Late Night Party Line is available now on vinyl just click here. Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.


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