Listen again to Home Service 071017

Join us as we get the giggles about mung beans and ribbon, lose it over the horn and somehow manage to deliver an hour of broadcasting stuffed with upfront wonders, damn fine house and disco infused beauties from Orlando Riva Sound, Sonya Spence, Les Inferno, The Last Welfare Record, COEO, Kevin Over, Illyus Barrientos and a one of our favourite queer anthems from Gossip. Radio of the Wildblood and Queenie kind from, erm, Wildblood and Queenie.

Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service. Disco, house, camp banter and more disco.  1st and 3rd Saturday of every month 7pm on RadioReverb 97.2FM DAB &  Repeated weekly for your listening pleasure on RadioReverb on Thursday at 1pm and Friday at 11pm. @homeservicefm

RadioReverb is the 24 hour community radio station for Brighton and Hove, broadcasting on 97.2FM, DAB and online, run by volunteers and firmly rooted in the city’s community. We are a non-profit organisation which aims to produce the kind of radio programmes you won’t hear on mainstream radio and be as all-encompassing in our remit as possible.


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