Mark Vessey’s Observer Books

She collects. He shoots. Or should that read I traipse behind my missus as she roots around endless secondhand bookshops, car boots and charity shops and he effortlessly creates a thing of binded beauty, bringing her obsession clarity. Either way Mark Vessey’s latest piece Observer Books has me beaming with joy. Queen Josephine’s childhood fixation reimagined with style by a photographer you need to know. And when your wife’s collection is up there alongside Bowie’s vinyl, Attitude’s history, Seamus’ disco and Moss’s Vogue, well it feels as good as it looks. Mark Vessey may be producing limited editions but his talent is anything but.

Observer Books C-Type – Photographic Archival Crystal Print by Mark Vessey 48cm x 108cm edition of 50 and 70cm x 158cm edition of 15.  Check availability here

Mark Vessey Web | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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