Take a stand for Trans Equality

Love is love is love is love. Regardless. And the rights of those to love whom they wish to without fear should be paramount in any modern society. Trans and non-binary people deserve respect, protection and equal rights. End of. Trans and non-binary people need protection in education and the workplace, to feel safe in their own home and be supported respectfully by housing services if made homeless, to be able to take for granted the right to fair treatment within the NHS and not be a greater risk of self harm, suicide or physical harm by others just because of how they identify or choose to live and love.  2018 needs to be the year we stand together for Trans and non-binary equality. 2018 needs to be the year where love really does win for everybody.

The stats speak from themselves.

  • One in eight trans employees (12 per cent) have been physically attacked by a colleague or customer in the last year
  • Half of trans people (51 per cent) have hidden their identity at work for fear of discrimination
  • A quarter of trans people (25 per cent) have experienced homelessness

It’s time we as a community spoke up for Trans and non-binary people. Its time to come out for Trans and non-binary equality today. The fight is far from over. For more info and to show your support for Trans and non-binary people in the UK today check out Stonewall’s Come Out For Trans campaign here.


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