Loved up and family thanks to Alfresco Festival

Now the glitter has finally settled it is time to write a few words about the best thing to happen to a farm that hops in many a year. Yes Alfresco Festival was everything and more than I expected it to be – and being Aspergers believe me I overthink everything a festival is suppose to be. From the welcome Mark and gang gave as we arrive for our day in the blazing Sunday sunshine to the beautiful bar staff, corking caterers and sound security and car park wonders (never I have met  people so polite in hi-vis), everything was as near perfect as a boutique festival could be. Smiling faces greeted us across the site as DJs and festival goers melted into a day of shimmering sounds and factor 50 awesomeness.

1BTN did us proud with an amazing line-up on the Alfresco Festival mainstage with the hot bod boy Steve KIW, the amazing swoonlike god that is Kinfolk, the legendary Nancy Noise and a glorious goosebump headlining set from the heavenly DJ Harvey. Over at 1BTN’s The Armchair Sessions there were too many wonders to behold, red hatted and all, as DJs Jamie Read, Dan Brown, Affy Wajid, ATTIC, Mickey Duke, Matt Grandison, Jayne Winstanley and The Two Bens kept us jumping till the midges could take no more, whilst Midland delivered an aftrernoon set to keep me smiling all year long over in The Frontier Big Top. (Oooo you are spoiling us with your exclusive Regraded promo Harry!)  Add Man Power, Tim Sweeny, Optimo and gang in the beautiful woods and more dazzling sessions from the Cowbell Radio Stage, Sounds Of Silver, The Club, Automat Radio, Crust Conductor and Re-Connect and well my need for a Sunday wiggle was sorted over, over and over again.

Having avoided festivals for too many years thanks to this autistic head of mine, always to keen to know what and when at all times, whatever the cost, I was a little reticent when the idea of attending Alfresco Festival first became a possibilty but the team’s understanding and acceptance of my particular needs, the welcome my missus and I received made me feel like family. After the briefest of online connections, suddenly there I was, part of the Alfresco family – a family that should be proud of itself as the glitter disperses and their aching bones are soaking in a tub of the good stuff.  A truly glorious family I can’t wait to spin with in the sunshine, rain, thunder or lightning again (well maybe not the latter). After this one day taster I’m in for the duration come 2019., Time to start overthinking tents and sleeping bags and disco and good times and family and sunshine it is then. Thank you Alfresco, you made this Aspie very Alfresco happy. 

To join the Alfresco Festival family in 2019 sign up here

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