Another glorious year of disco

2018 marks the 30th anniversary of this Wildblood first making my way behind the decks. 30 years of Jack and bass and grooves and disco. 30 years of never regretting if I made the right decision. And 10,000+ nights on I’m thrilled to still be in the disco game alongside my DJ partner for 26 of those disco years the ever wonderful Queen Josephine.

And so here we are – another year of disco in Brighton. A year Queenie and have loved sharing with you as we journey together on our deck adventures with Nightshift, Wild Family and The Tempest Inn’s Disco Service. Because this year has turning out to be a vintage one whether at Club Barbra with a line-up of deck ladies you just have to hear, at Ollie Sturdy’s The Syndicate or alongside our local DJ heroines at Brighton Pride Festival as we continue ensure Pride has a purpose as we fundraise together for The Rainbow Fund.

Yes be it at the hallowed ground that is Patterns as they celebrate all things Chicago and HMD, alongside Sami Kubu at her ever glorious Daze and Nightshift parties, with the wonderful 1BTN party crew, at the legendary club night that is the Sunday Sundae Pride Reunion, with our new Bristol family the sashay queens Bitch, Please!, spreading the disco love at Missing People, down at Brighton’s coolest Block, and (yep its still happening!) with Honey Dijon at Patterns later this winter, this is set to be another year filled with love on the dancefloor.

So regardless of the extra aches and pains this old lady DJ may be experiencing, it still looks like playing disco for a living was the best decision I ever made. So grab your glitter and come join the missus and me this year on the dancefloor. Because without you this disco life of mine wouldn’t sparkle so fine. 

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