Brighton Pride 2018

So here it comes. The biggest weekend of our year. When we become one family, partying, campaigning, fundraising and dancing together. Forever a treasure, Brighton Pride is the jewel in the camp crown of our fine seaside city, raising record amounts of money for The Rainbow Fund and local LGBT+ charities and organisations, supporting the Social Impact Fund and putting the fabulous into the creative. So here’s a tip for ya, if you don’t like rainbows and glitter you’d best stay away as we intend to celebrate the wonder that is our local, national and international LGBTQI communities all weekend long.

And with deck time at some of Brighton Pride’s finest parties and legendary festival booked in including Syndicate at The Tempest Inn, our return to the Diva Girls World Dance Tent on Preston Park, Patterns Pride Terrace Party, some Pride Village Party action outside Charles St / Patterns at 10pm-11pm, Yass B*itch at Wonderland Pride: Denis Sulta at The Arch, Wild Family at The Tempest, a very special 1BTN presents Rock The Discotech at Fortune of War, a disco debut for BN1 Magazine in their Disco Tent at LoveBN1Fest, and a sunshine session at our beloved Sunday Sundae Pride Reunion at Patterns, all will be disco and delicious at Brighton Pride 2018. Just how it should be. Proud and pert and fundraising and fabulous. Oh and covered in glitter, lots and lots of glitter. See you at the front.

For Pride Festival info, Pride Village Party and Official Pride Party tickets click here.



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