Diva Girl’s World Dance Tent at Brighton Pride Festival

Playing with the ladies has always been our life’s pleasure. There is nothing like delighting in the disco, bossing it with a filthy underground bassline or indulging in some hands-in-the-air classic house with our queer tribe. Having made our Pride Festival debut in The Candy Bar Dance Tent all those years ago, it is still as thrilling today to party with the lasses at Brighton Pride as it has always been. And with a line-up filled with talented DJ lovelies we are honoured to call not just our colleagues but our friends (oh the pleasure we’ve taken watching these beauties blossum over the years as they inspire us over and over and over again), the Diva Girl’s World Dance Tent is set to be sizzling centre of our Pride world in 2018. Just how it should be. Just as it has always been. See you at the front.

The Diva Girl’s World Dance Tent at Brighton Pride Festival 2018. With DJs Sami Kubu, Summer Ghemati,  Emma Love, Missy B, Michelle Manetti, DJ King-K, Sarah Chapman, DJ Jumeau and two old ladies who still get Pride goosebumps everytime they play called Wildblood and Queenie. For more info click here.