Bitch, Please! Brighton launch

Heavy with the house, titilating with the techno and dazzling with the disco Bitch, Please! are a queer party collective you need to spin with on Friday the 17th August as they sashay their way to Brighton’s Tempest Inn for their oh-so-saucy and salty launch. A unique and hey girl, jacking wonder of a night Bitch, Please! will impress as they lay down the house rules and promptly break them – just how we like it. And with local DJs Max Milian (Sweet Nothings), Affy Go Bang (House Of Go Bang), SDXN (Quietly Making Noise) and two disco dollies called Wildblood and Queenie (1BTN / 2OLWSKB) joining Bitch, Please’s sizzling hot residents ZenZero, Suze Rosser, Butch Queen and the Chocolate City Sisters, the queer dial is set to disco and beyond this weekend. But then when your Bristol sisters are coming to town this is one Brighton ball you’ll wanna bring it to. Or in the words of a collective we can’t wait to party with Bitch, Please!

Bitch, Please! Brighton launch Friday 17th August. The Tempest Inn, Kings Road Arches, Brighton Beach. 19:00-03:00. For more info and to say you’ll be there click here.




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