Bringing the disco to a history of Chicago House at Patterns

In the beginning there was Jack and Jack had a groove. And we came to this groove because of the groove of all grooves, disco. And from disco came house, came Chicago, came Frankie and Ron and Larry and Marshall and Louis. And from disco came New York and The Loft and The Gallery and Paradise Garage and David and Nicky and Larry. And from them came a movement we call house music. A movement created by hispanic and black gay clubbers, drag queens and butch dykes, poor in life but rich on the dancefloor they called home.

And so as we get set to jack our bodies, say hello to the wiggly worm and salute those keepers of our house from back in Jack’s day, its only fitting that two ladies DJs raised on Larry and Frankie and Jack (oh so much Jack) should pay tribute to the disco beats that forged the house we love. From disco to house, from Chicago to Brighton via New York, San Francisco, Paris, Fire Island and Munich, this Saturday night we’ll be raising our hands together to a beat the filled The Warehouse back in 1977 and still captivates our dancing souls right here, right now in 2018. House and disco. Just how Jack would want. Now pass me that wiggly worm.

A History of Chicago House Music at Patterns, Brighton. Saturday 18th August. 23:00-04:00 DJs Charles GreenDJ Faro & Max Milian (CLUB)
Wildblood and Queenie (UPSTAIRS) Tickets here.


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