Rave for Life: Doing the decent thing

There are times when our clubbing community needs to come together to do the decent thing. Different genres, different DJs, different radio stations, different people – one aim. Supporting a loved one in need. Like we do. So if you fancy joining an amazing line-up of DJs at Brighton’s Tempest Inn doing the decent thing as we fundraise for Sami Kubu’s nan and her family’s efforts to send her for life saving treatment this is the day. Oh and the soundtrack, like the lass who we’ve all given up our Bank Holiday Saturday for, will be marvellous. See you at the (sea)front.

Rave For Life Saturday 25th August 16:00-04:00 The Tempest Inn, Kings Road Arches, Brighton Beach. For more info and to say you’ll be there click here.

R4L - A3-01 (1)
Lets rave for a reason, #RaveForLife!

In March, Sami Kubu’s grandmother was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, which is a rare cancer caused through exposure to asbestos. It is an aggressive form of cancer and without surgery she has been given at most, a year to live. She is being treated with Chemotherapy sessions through the NHS, but Chemotherapy will only extend her life expectancy by a few months at best.

The family has set up a GoFundMe which you may donate to here >> https://bit.ly/2HZZWdG

We will be throwing a fundraiser in hopes that we can make a healthy contribution to the treatment fund. £5 will get you entry into the event as well as 5 entries into the raffle. You may buy additional entries into the raffle too!

*** PRIZES ***
2x Professional passes to Brighton Music Conference 2019
2x Boxed Sounds Season passes & 2x T-shirts
Latmun Signed Hot Creations EP
Ejeca bundle
2 x El Dorado Festival 2019 Full Weekend Passes
2 x Dinner at Latino America
2 x Treatment at Phoenix Treatments & Beauty

DJ Barely Legal bundle
Phantasy Sound Music & Merch Bundle
Nightshift Records bundle
NO FAKING bundle
Berlin – Brighton bundle
Light up skateboard donated by Wax Worx
Bakes from Cakes & Jars By Shar
Eats from Papa Johns
2 x Boundary Brighton 2018 Tickets
2 x Gift Vouchers for Crocus Paella
2x Great Escape Festival Delegate passes
2x Shambala Festival 2019 tickets
2x Carn-evil tickets
A day at the races, Brighton racecourse
Season pass to Wonderland
& more to be announced!

To be in the chance to win, grab your raffle tickets. Each ticket you buy puts you in with 5 chances to win. To buy click here.



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