Queenie’s Queue Dance stars on The Sound Of Lemington Spa Vol.9

One message from Berlin and the next thing you know a world of past Queenie musical delights is opened up and out there for your listening pleasure. Yes it is with wonder (and some surprise) that Queen Josephine finds herself and fellow Queue Dance founder Nick Goddard part of the acclaimed The Sound Of Lemington Spa series on Germany’s Firestation Records with their track Crumbling Town. Out this October The Sound Of Lemington Spa Volume 9 includes artists Moloko+, This Certain Kind, Ten Million Quentins and many more.

A series that enables listeners to reacquaint themselves with lost 80s indie pop gems, The Sound Of Lemington Spa united three record companies Clarendon Records, Firestation Records and Bilberry Records in the hunt for the amazing. And Queenie is thrilled that Queue Dance has joined its indie ranks.

Multi-instrumentalist Nick Goddard and singer-songwriter Josephine Bourne a.k.a. Queen Josephine formed Queue Dance in 1983 in the seaside city of Brighton in the mid eighties. With influences ranging form indie, pop, disco, reggae, electronica and jazz they composed a vast array of songs between 1983 and 1989, including the single Not The One For Me released in 1987. Their composition For A Moment along with a cover version of Cole Porter’s My Heart Belongs To Daddy featured on the 1987 compilation album Paper Boats In Puddles.


The song-writing duo honed their jazzy pop skills busking endlessly in Brighton, London, Norwich and Brussels (the Belgium’s seemed very keen on Queue Dance) before getting a seven-piece band together to recreate the recordings they layered on a reel-to-reel 4-track in Nick’s living room. The band featured various members including percussionist Michelle Allardyce (Frazier Chorus), drummer Andrew Blackwell, vocalist Jennie Cruse and saxophonist Eileen Lawless, which caused some sound engineers a bit of headache especially when they saw the group also included their cellist Andy Dobbell, a big ask for any 80s indie venue. (Apologies again to the Hammersmith Clarendon and Zap Club Brighton). Queue Dance went on to change the lives of a watching generation when they performed on BBC1’s Saturday Superstore in 1986 along with Brother Beyond. Well maybe.

The Queue Dance track featured in The Sound Of Lemington Spa Volume 9 is Crumbling Town, written as a response to the endless demolition of inner city housing and listed buildings in Brighton during the early 80s as communities were decimated by unscrupulous landlords and contractors out for a buck – a situation the passing of time sadly hasn’t changed. Crumbling Town was recorded in Hove on a trusty 4-track and was one of Nick and Queenie’s favourite to perform live.

“Like the legendary Pebbles albums that showcased the hidden wonders of 1960s garage so eloquently, the Leamington Spa series provides a valuable public service to the hungry independent pop music explorer, who wanders through the past as well as the present in search of unmapped landmarks”. Rough Trade Records

The Sound Of Leamington Spa Volume 9 is released on Firestation Records on CD and double vinyl on 20th October 2018. Order it here. Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, hometaping is killing music




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