BBC’s School: I am Jack and Jack is I

Being diagnosed this late in life with Aspergers has been an interesting ride, to say the least. Over the past 15 months, there has been a lot of anger and grief over what I could have been or done if things had been different had my diagnosis happened when I was young. To ease that anger I tell myself well at least we’ve moved forward and autistic kids today get a level playing field.

And then I watch School (episodes 4 & 5 especially), a documentary from inside our education system. A system where kids like me don’t have an equal playing field. (Watch it and meet Jack. Jack is me and I am Jack. His school days were my school days. For two years I refused to go. Aspergers and secondary school sadly don’t always mix.) A system where students like Jack and I still struggle for support, face exclusion and more just because of their behavioural, mental or physical disabilities and neurological conditions. And it’s deliberate. It’s policy.

Regardless of the soundbites and election promises there continues to be budget cuts across education. The Tories are removing the chances for kids as staff numbers are cut and educational support systems dismantled. To think we’re moving backwards again frustrates and saddens me. If only this government indulged in my not-so-favourite pastime, overthinking, and processed the real effects they are having on young people who don’t fit the mould and created a fair system for all. Watch, weep a little, get angry and at the next chance you get, vote these Brexit obsessed fools out. It’s time they got on with educating all of our children.




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