Bitch, Please! this is our fam

2018 has been a joy for so many reasons but one of the diamond reasons we’ve loved it so was hooking up with the glorious Bitch, Please! from Bristol. The moment we hit their sparkling decks at The Tempest earlier this summer we knew we had found another disco fam to be proud of. And when our sound adventures continued at The Green Door Store this November the deal was sealed. We lurve Bitch, Please! And so we are dead chuffed for our fam as they look set to continue bringing the sass in 2019, spreading the Bitch,Please! love to Brighton and beyond. Add the small matter of a New Years Day with The Black Madonna at Bristol’s In:Motion (woah fam!) and you have a party collective you need to be part of. Believe us when we say it’ll be one of the best disco decisions you’ve ever made.

Read all about Bitch,Please’s latest disco plans courtesy of promoters Liam and Travis for In:Focus, grab tickets for NYD B,Please! takeover at Bristol In:Motion with The Black Madonna, Hunee, Palms Trax, Jayda G, and more here and then join us as we start planning our 2019 Brighton Bitch,Please! outfits. Like you gloriously do whenever these wonders are concerned.  Oh and grab a flavour of all things Bitch, Please! courtesy of a their sparkling resident DJ Butch Queen’s exclusive In The Mix for In:Motion below.  That should see you sorted – the Bitch, Please fam way. Obviously.


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