Wildblood + Queenie now on Spotify

Fancy some regal streaming options? Wanna get inside the soundtrack of Wildblood & Queenie‘s minds? Then head over to our Spotify where everything from our 1BTN show picks to delicious disco delights and sunset soundtracks via our Best Of Year charts, 1BTN station hotties, monthly Gscene Wonders and afterparty gems will be, waiting for you to press play. Plus we’ll be sharing our terrace and dancefloor delights throughout the year  as we celebrate the nightlife nuggets that are our Bitch, Please!, Club Barbra, Wild Family, Tempest Terrace, Patterns, Brighton Pride and Club Syndicate families. Inspired by our deck adventures, right here for you. So click here to follow and get your ears round Wildblood and Queenie on Spotify.



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