Queer Songbook & Traumfrau present International Women’s Day Mixtape

For this autistic lass, the promise I made to myself as I entered my 50th year was not an easy one. Say yes to things that scare you. Say yes when you would have said no. So 2019 will now be known as the year this Wildblood said yes. To festivals, to gigs, to new challenges, to my bike and to those random email requests from friends you never thought you’d get.

So it is with delight tempered with disbelief I’m announcing that Queenie and I will be joining a stellar line-up of LGBTQ wonders at International Women’s Day Mixtape hosted by Queer Songbook and Traumfrau. (Well you know me, I can never say no to Roni!) The idea is we gather to share the songs of our queer lives, the tunes that have made our days shine, giving us strength and joy however tough things could be, bringing us together with those we love. To communally celebrate those songs that make us who we are. Ably abetted by our wonderful hostess for the evening, the glorious Zoe Lyons.

Of course those who bumped into Queenie and Wildblood over the years will know it’s not the latter who’s starred in various stage and studio adventures, and it’s not the latter who’s that comfortable with a microphone but, fuck it, as Mrs Ronson in Class 3 used to say. This is my year of doing things kinda dangerously. Let’s hope your ears get out of this alive. (And Pepto Bismol offer me a sponsorship deal).

So you get the glorious gist of it. Various local wonders plus me doing our thing for you. With Queer Songbook’s full live band starring musicians Claire Motyer (strings), Craig White (woodwinds), Katrina Lauder (horn and MD), Naomi Anderson (bass) and Deena Jackman (drums). In one of Brighton’s most beautiful of venues, the stunning nave of The Spire in Kemptown. And our tune choice? We’re sworn to secrecy but safe to say its a DJing disco favourite of Queenie and mine that has given me more goosebumps than a waterfowl has on its birthday. So see you at the font. I’ll be the nervous one hanging onto Queenie for dear life. No change there then.

Queer Songbook & Traumfrau present International Women’s Day Mixtape with Tabs (Butch, Please!), Aneesa Chaudhry, Emma Frankland, Fruit, Roni Guetta and Wildblood & Queenie. Hosted by Zoe Lyons. Saturday 16th March 7.30pm-1am. The Spire, Brighton.  £8 – Early birds // £10 – Full Price // £8 – Concession // £12 – On the door // £0 Chaperones // £0 Pay It Forward. DJs including some birds called Wildblood & Queenie to follow. Tickets here

A word about the event: Queer Songbook explores and celebrates the queer voice in songs from across the ages. An aviary of non-heteronormative guests have been invited to choose their dearest, queerest song – the song that spoke their truth, strummed their pain or lit a defiant flame in their youth. Stitched together into a coat of many colours by your host, Zoe Lyons, each guest tells the story of their song before singing it live with the amazing Queer Songbook Band. More info here.


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