50 Tunes For 50 Years

So here we go. Starting at the beginning. Raised on Motown, Bacharach, Nat King Cole, disco and Kraftwerk. Angsting it out to The Smiths and those Cocteau Twins, going electro with Japan and The Human League, dancing to Luther, Stevie, Northern Soul and Ms Summer. Loving with Marvin and Badu. Mending a broken heart with Al Green. Swishing to Salsoul. Losing it to Frankie Knuckles and a thing called house. Chilling far too long to Royksopp. Queering it up with Hercules and Christine. Singing along badly in the car to Florence and camping it up with The Supremes, Madonna and Beyonce and the occasional Dreamgirl. Pride goosebumps with Sister Sledge, Lionel, Ms Ross and Whitney’s Dollar Bills. Family time with all of the above. Crying to Solange and Nina and Maxwell and Des’ree and that Beach Boys track. Rejoicing in Bush (well I would wouldn’t I) and forever falling in love with Streisand. So many tunes. 50 tunes in 50 days for 50 years. (How did that happen?) Sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.

Catch the reasons behind each of my 50 Tunes For 50 Years here on wildbloodandqueenie.com. Listen to the playlist on YouTube or on Spotify.

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