50 Tunes For 50 Years: C-Mos

Come Monday the 4th of February 2019 there will be a lot of talk about Brighton Pride. Who knows, they may even break the Internet again. But regardless of the headliner announcement, the controversies or the so-called principled objections to an event that some will argue is not the “Pride” they once knew and fought for, I’ll be rooting for the wonders bringing LGBTQ+ Pride to our city. Because for me Brighton Pride has always been about family, our queer, fierce and forever fabulous family.

Like all families, you can occasionally disagree but Brighton Pride will always be there, plugging away, delivering the best it can for every aspect of our diverse community as it continues to fundraise for our city and campaign for local, national and global LGBTQ equality. Yes, how we see our Pride family changes as the years pass and our experiences alter but it is a family we will always belong to and I’m proud to support. I may have once gone on picnics with my queer family and screamed loud and proud that I was “here, queer and not going shopping”, but I’ve had also revelled in the carnival celebrations of recent years, in awe of the world-class spectacle and proud of the inclusion of my friends, my colleagues, my city and the hundreds of thousands who now join us every year.

Over the past 26 years, Brighton Pride has also provided some of my most memorable DJ moments and created many of my 50 Tunes For 50 Years. Be it nervously playing sun-warped vinyl in a glorified cloakroom on Preston Park, rejoicing with the ladies as we sang Like A Prayer in the Candy Bar marquee, declaring I Feel Love to a backdrop of Pride Village Party fireworks, wiping the tears away as my Sunday Sundae family Sing It Back to me or generating intergalactic vibrations with thousands in the Wild Fruit Big Top, Brighton Pride has always delivered the love. Be it to the tunes of Tom Robinson, Sylvester, Madonna, Patrick Cowley, Donna Summer or this anthemic delight the epic 2 Million Ways by C-Mos, I’ve never failed to marvel at the scenes surrounding my decks as thousands of hands rise proudly in the air.

Whether with my first tentative steps alongside a few Section 28 protesting hundreds back in 1991 or at the internationally recognised LGBTQ+ Pride event it is today, Brighton Pride has always made me proud of who I am, who I love, where I live and every single soul celebrating, campaigning and fundraising with me. So whoever is the headliner of Brighton Pride 2019 I say this, nothing, no nothing will make your soul grin quite like this city. Because for one weekend in August the music is different here, the vibrations are different, not like planet earth.

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