Feeling the disco love this February

Fancy a little de-freeze? Then come join us on the airwaves of  1BTNClub Barbra at The West Hill Tavern, at Patterns with Honey DijonInternational Women’s Day Mixtape Bitch, Please! Residents Party at The Green Door Store and more this winter as we get set to deliver the funk, the disco and the hottest of house. All destined to warm up your winter days and long nights, all destined to please. Just how we like it.

Wildblood and Queenie.​ If you want a lot of disco on your biscuit, join our club. For more gig and radio info follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To book Wildblood and Queenie for your club, party, special event or right regal night of disco click here. Dead reasonable tunes, very reasonable rates and almost reasonable dance moves

Photos by Hannah Sherlock



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