50 Tunes For 50 Years: Various Artists Various DJs

This one is a seriously indecisive choice. Because this one is more than one tune. It’s more like 50 times 50 tunes as I head towards that thing called the DJ box. Thankfully the finer DJs in my life don’t appear to share the red button terror I do, delivering instead sets that have wowed, charmed and made my life so sound. Be they Midland at AVA festival, Honey Dijon’s Boiler Room sets in Berlin and Sugar Mountain (cropped top dancing man I salute you), the life-enhancing majestic madness of The Black Madonna b2b Mike Servito at Dekmantel Festival, Kim Ann Foxman in the bunker in London, Wild Fantasy epic Soundcloud episodes, Guy Williams at Space (and his epic 6 hour 25th anniversary Savage set), Luke Howard’s timeless Spiritland Diana Ross adventure, Source Magazine’s Audio Mix by Neal Schtumm, Pablo Contraband and Charles Green, Jamie Jones’ 2011 Essential Mix Live, Mighty Mouse’s Disco Circus, Chaos Restored 2 by Justin Martin for Buzzin Fly, Severino’s 100% Gomma, RA.600 by The Black Madonna or the legendary Horse Meat Disco Boiler Room hedonistic disco excess from The Eagle, these online beauties and corking DJ mixed compilations have made my body toe the dancing line for many a night and day (and night and day).

Even a moment of Wildblood and Queenie trumpet blowing gets in there, guaranteeing I’ll always have a soft sultry house spot for our Secret Disco and Private Party II. Because since those early MySpace dial-up connections of mine, those online nodding heads, raised arms and sweaty bods of DJs and devotees feeding my house and disco addiction have ensured my pre, post and oh-just-one-more sessions have always enjoyed the grace and grit of the DJ mix. With that added random Boiler Room screen grabbing geezer in need of a lesson or two in personal space and throwing shapes. Obviously.

Stream Wildblood’s 50 Tunes For 50 Years on Spotify

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