50 Tunes For 50 Years: Midland

I’ve not always been the healthiest of souls, a mind not as strong as my occasionally butch bod would like it to be. (The lack of #50tunesfor50years this past ten days is a testament to that). I always know I’m in trouble when the music goes off, when the moments without a soundtrack become days and when the days without a wiggle become weeks without a grin.
But there are certain songs over the years that seem to crack through my vulnerable interior and pull me through. Teasing me with a gentle groove, corrupting my sullen soul with joyful memories and insisting on the dance. Since this Regarded reprobate turned up in my life back in 2016 its had me right where it matters. Guiding me back to the sanity of the dancefloor, the decks and the decent people in my life. Created by a soul whose honesty about mental health is refreshing as the beats he delivers Midland’s Final Credits will always remind me there is no final chapter to be had. Well at least not yet. Because as long there are tunes like this there is no way I’m gonna be the first to say goodbye. Especially when there are buggers as handsome as Harry making tunes this buggery brilliant. #50tunesfor50years


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