1BTN IWD Soundsystem at Patterns

I’m not sure if this is what Mrs Ronson had in mind when having noted my early childhood vinyl obsession she made me Class 6 Record Player Monitor at Frinton Primary School. But it seems those days of putting a needle on a “not too exciting” record for everyone to file into the assembly hall to were not in vain.  Although I always wondered if the tunes I played were more likely than the 70s lurid patterned floor length curtains to induce childish overexcitement on a grey Friday morning. Oh the joys of life before social media or Playstations or tellies that were so heavy they needed their own set of wheels.

But forty years later and here I am. Still a glorified record player monitor and about to celebrate my 50th birthday with some of the finest female DJs I know, in a venue that has meant more to me than any other sound collection of bricks and mortar. Playing tunes with fellow 1BTN DJs Kerry Jean Lister, Suze Rosser, DJ Faro and Queen Josephine whilst HRH Honey Dijon and the glorious Charles Green leep the grins wide downstairs. And all to fundraise for BHT Threshold and The Girls Network. Delivering support and inspiration.  Just like Mrs Ronson did for me back in the day. Here’s just hoping I keep my hard earned DJ disco cool and don’t try to impress Mama Dijon with a cheeky ’77 rework of Captain Beaky and his Band. See you at the front. Nicely filed to attention. Obviously.

1BTN IWD Soundsystem. Saturday 9th March 8pm-4am. Patterns, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1TL. Free entry before 10pm. 

(Tickets for Honey Dijon downstairs at Patterns required for entry upstairs after 10pm. Limited tickets will be available on the door. Arrive early to avoid disappointment).

1BTN IWD Soundsystem at Patterns will be fundraising for BHT Threshold Women’s Services and The Girl’s Network. Donations welcome here.

Threshold provides support to women in Brighton & Hove with issues including anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and perinatal depression. Services include 1-1 counselling, wellbeing workshops, intern placements, volunteering opportunities and drop-in sessions.

The Girls Network’s mission is to inspire and empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them with a mentor and a network of professional female role models. They believe that no girl should have their future limited by their background, gender or parental income.

International Women’s Day campaign theme for 2019 is #BalanceforBetter reflecting the need to build a gender-balanced world as we challenge bias and celebrate change.




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