Perfect Distraction: Let Nature Sing

I’m addicted to vinyl, am nothing without strings or a bass line and find a day without radio a day not worth being part of. And yet above all of this, there in the sky and in the trees and by the sea and the rivers is the most important song of my life. Birdsong. A soundscape I cannot imagine being without, an accompaniment to life so precious I find it hard to believe how us humans can fly to so close to losing it. And so today’s perfect distraction is a lifelong one. The RSPB’s Let Nature Sing. A call to wings, a call to all, a call to help save our most precious of fellow planet inhabitants. Without them life would sound less sweet, life would be incomplete.

Today, there are 40 million fewer birds than there were 40 years ago. We need to turn up the volume on nature before it’s too late. Show your support by getting bird song into the charts. Nature needs us now – 165 species are critically endangered in the UK. Together, let’s put nature back on the agenda. Spread the word and share nature’s song #LetNatureSing.
The RSPB’s Let Nature Sing is out now. Buy here. Yes buy people, not steal, remember without them our lives are without song.


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