Queenie + Wildblood Show with Crazy P

This is been the year I say yes to everything as I challenge my Aspie self and celebrate 50 years on this disco planet. So when the big man at 1BTN offered Queenie and I the chance to welcome Crazy P to the bunker this Friday I knew what the answer would be. How could I not? For this is the band that had Queenie running across Lulworth Cove embracing her newest sound addiction one long ago The Big Chill day. And this is the band forever ensuring I’m always Open For Service for whatever Hot Toddy, Ron Basejam and the magnificent Ms Moore send my way, the band who have ensured life is always a Disco Odyssey, delivering Love On The Line as they keep things truly Walk Talk Dance Sing in my life. (Is that enough song references for you or should I Give It Up?)

Crazy P’s loopy loved up grooves, seductive soaring vocals, life affirming festival performances, goosebump generating DJ sets and epic remixes and reworks have sound tracked our terrace days and clubbing nights for twenty five years and boy has the world sounded better because of it. So yes, I am disco thrilled to be announcing that the wonders that are the legendary Jim Baron, Chris Todd and Danielle Moore will be joining us in the 1BTN bunker on Friday the 17th of May to talk all things Crazy P. Join us as we celebrate their eighth album release Age Of The Ego, their must-see UK tour with added gospel choirs, sax players and all sonic things in-between as this beloved band engage in a critically acclaimed genre gear change that is destined to deliver yet another stunning chapter in the much-loved story that is Crazy P. Seems there’s nothing Like A Nice Hot Edit when you say yes to life.

The Queenie + Wildblood Show with special guests Crazy P Friday 17th May 13:00-16:00 1BTN 101.4FM | DAB+ | TuneIn | 1btn.fm

Crazy P’s Age Of The Ego longplayer is out now on Walk Don’t Walk. Click here to buy, yes buy not steal people. Remember home taping is killing music.

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