Rebecca Hoodless feat PXCH : Defenceless

One of the joys of growing older is watching the generations behind you grow and blossom and make you proud. Yes I’m having a proud auntie moment here but when one’s niece brings the genes shes blessed with to a tune (I’m always a sucker for that Bourne-to-it tone) and creates yet another moment to make ones heart melt, why not. And for those of you who don’t know her as the toddler in pink who could strop her way to the moon and back or the young woman I proud to call a friend may I introduce Rebecca Hoodless, a singer-songwriter who alongside producer / DJ Patrick Hunt aka PXCH and co-writer Bryony Porter-Collard has delivered a right beauty. A beauty called Defenceless. A beauty that brings the bounce and the bass to life, a beauty you need today.

Rebecca Hoodless feat PXCH’s Defenceless is out now. Click here to buy or stream, yes buy not steal people. Remember home taping is killing music. Catch the world wide radio exclusive first play of Defenceless on The Queenie and Wildblood 1BTN Show Friday 17th May 13:00-16:00 101.4FM DAB+ and online



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