The Edinburgh and Rockit Soul present ELEVEN SEVEN

Addicted to vinyl? I know just the groove you are in. You think you can handle it. Just one 7″ at a time. You started early, you thought you had it under control, those TOTP induced obsessions that found you saving your pocket money for 3 minutes of perfect pop escapism. But then it escalated. You needed a box to keep them in. You went without your weekly Dib Dabs, you found yourself yearning for the crackle rather than the snap and pop of your breakfast cereal, you even entered the black market and sold your dinner tickets for record money cash. Your life had taken a turn, a 45rpm turn and here you are years later. Usually broke but with a forever vinyl induced grin. You are not alone. Come join us and celebrate our most sound of addictions as we join a stellar line of DJs and indulge in our random but forever love of the 7″ at Eleven Seven on Saturday 18th May. All night long.

The Edinburgh and Rockit Soul present ELEVEN SEVEN
5 DJs • 11 x 7″ Vinyl • Any Genre

The Format of the night is that it’s a genre fluid event where size matters. Anything goes as long as it’s on 7″. This month sees a line up of 5 amazing selectors who all happen to be female. There’s several birthday celebrations, so this is guaranteed to be a party! Each DJ will be playing 11 7″ records each. Then if any time is left over, we will end with a free for all, b2b2b2b2b session.

Volume 6  Saturday 18th May 8pm – 1am  Free Entry 
QUEENIE – [B, Please! / Sunday Sundae / 1BTN]
WILDBLOOD – [B, Please! / Sunday Sundae / 1BTN]
SIBEL LAGERDAHL – [Leftover / Eleven Seven]
KAREN SHAW – [Eleven Seven]

The Edinburgh, 67a Upper Gloucester Road, Brighton, BN1 3QR. For more info and to say you’ll be there click here.



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