Gscene June Wonders

So here we go. Summertime is finally here and regardless of the cagoules or windcheaters required we’ll be delivering you nothing but sunshine grooves this June. Destined to keep things hot under the collar is the majestic acid sounds of DJ Pierre presents Acid 88 Volume III on Afro Acid. Yes, you guessed it, nothing but goodness, acid style. Just how we like our house. As are the sparse yet sparkling grooves of Neverdogs’ Details on Bamboleo Records, the life enhancing b.p.m’s of Jasper Street Co.’s Rejoicing on Nervous and the intelligent soundscapes of Daniel Dubb’s Grand Illusions on Get Physical Music. Purchase them all and life will sound better, believe us.

Add the corking compilation Wiggle For 25 Years on Wiggle celebrating one of the UK’s must-wiggle club nights, the artisan vibes of label compilation One Night Stands on La Belle Records, the wonder that is Quantic’s charming yet majestic Atlantic Oscillations on Tru Thoughts and the forever class compilation that is chapter 10 of Future Disco, the dazzling Technicolour Nights on Future Disco and your summer will sizzle like a menopausal Wildblood in thermals on a summer’s day. (Note to self: Really must change name to DJ Hotflush).

As for our must-hear wonders of June? Plug your soul into the wonder that is the stunning sounds of Tee Mango’s 50 Songs on Millionhands and you’ll be forever glad you did as his life-enhancing grooves capture one’s imagination. Or find yourself in the company of Man Power’s This Is Not An Album on Now Now Now, a power house of a longplayer from a producer whose doing good things to us. Just as Crazy P are 25 years since their debut with their sonic stunner Age Of The Ego on Walk Don’t Walk. Summer days as wonderful as this were made for music as goosebump inducing as Crazy P’s. Enjoy.

Wildblood and Queenie’s June Jollies

Terr Tale of Devotion (Prins Thomas Diskomiks Remix) Phantasy Joyful electronica of the disco kind that always brings a thrill with every play.

Rebecca Hoodless Defenceless White Basslines filled with beauty and vocals to die for. What more could you want?

Girls of the Internet feat. Jitwam U Already Know (12” Disco Mix) Drab Queen Never drab, always fabulous, the disco dons return with epic delight.

Hifi Sean Love Is On The House Club Sweat Our favourite bear keeps the house jubilant and the sweat essential.

Al Kent Where Samosa Records The Funk Purpose Vol. 2 EP that keeps on giving us the spicy disco thrills.

Amy Douglas Cities In Dust Polydor When your childhood heroine meets your disco queen and you can’t stop dancing.

Apparel Wax 006A1 Apparel Wax Cool vibes all the way as Apparel sample their way to sublime status.

Cinthie This Bomb Is Mine 803 Crystal Grooves Find a basement, turn off the lights and turn it up.

Ladymonix ft. Rashida Track 39 Frizner Electric A Bitch,Please! classic destined to accompany our every queer disco adventure.

Cassy Next Generation Kwench Records Class adventure that will inspire as it demands the wiggle.

Catch Wildblood and Queenie on 1BTN 1st and 3rd Friday 13:00-16:00 101.4FM, at The Syndicate Party, Bitch,Please! at The Tempest, Merlin & Ellis at Block, Zanzibar Reunion, Patterns and Brighton & Hove Pride 2019.

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