Zanzibar Reunion Spotify Playlist

As we get ready to spin the classic house light fantastic and celebrate all things fabulous ahead of Brighton’s Zanzibar Reunion at Subline, come wiggle with us to some of house music’s most joyous of beats on Spotify. Hands in the air, shade ahoy and vogue moves attempted. Just how we like it as we relive those heady days in Brighton’s hottest basement. Like we do.

The Zanzibar Reunion Party 2019 at Subline, St James St, Brighton. Friday 28th June 21:00-02:00 DJs ‘Screwtopia’ (DJ Screwpulous and DJ iTopia), Josh ‘The Barber’ Sharp and two birds called Wildblood and Queenie. Moves by you. £5 door tax – all profits to The Rainbow Fund. For more info and to say you’ll be there head over to Facebook.


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