Doing it Alfresco family style

It was just a weekend at the end of May. Just a weekend in the woods. And yet, like for the many others who joined me dancing under the stars that weekend at Alfresco Festival, it stayed with me. Bringing joy and giggles and the occasional damp shiver. Admitably we had to crack out the sensible walking boots and cagoules (thank heavens for my lesbian walks 1000 miles obsession) but the warmth that’s has said since me since our return from the Hop Farm has ensured my addiction to Alfresco makes it a welcome addition to my annual traditions.

It was a weekend filled with disco and Black Sausage, 2ManyDjs and not enough, noodles and curry, feathers and glitter (biodegradable naturally), 16 Loop networking and loved up strangers. It was a weekend of Countryfile jokes and overheard tent giggles. A weekend of randoms and family, friends and tented acquaintances. Of Steve and Kathy, ATTIC and lovelies, Justin and Bill, Robertson and Brewster, Ms Loud and Mr Bloggs, Matthew and Sibel, of JJ and Nicky and the governor. Of make-up and marvels, hula hoops and house heads, of shivers and sizzles, of love and way, way, way too much laughter.

And when Monday morning beckoned, it ended with Savage, with klub kids on trailers, Guy Williams and JonJo Jury on decks and deviant dancers on hay bales. It ended with a league of humans feeling the stone-cold cool of Angie as we danced under canvas and held our hands up high towards the glitterball one more time. It was Alfresco and it was ours. The many who gathered in the woods and partied with family. A family we would proud to meet, a family Queenie and I are proud to be part of, a family for whom we will play disco under the stars till our walking boots can walk no more.

Alfresco Festival. Thank you. I’ll see you in the woods next year. I’ll be the lass with the disco, the cagoule and the glitter in my dancing soul.

Like all good things to do with family you sometimes need to come together to make the magic happen. Alfresco 2020 is coming but it needs your help as Nicky and Mark work together to deliver the festival we all want it to be. A new home at Colebrook Park, Tunbridge Wells and another lifetime worth of memories await us. But to paraphrase a certain Brighton Pride headliner, your disco needs you. So, click here to pledge your support or head here to grab those early, early birds. Each ticket bought, each donation made, each share shared and Like given, ensures those four days in May in 2020 remain as special as those days we’ve spent together so far in the woods. Would you want it any other way?





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