Perfect Distraction: Horse Meat Disco’s Falling Deep In Love ft Kathy Sledge

As if we needed another excuse to fall in love again with Horse Meat Disco? Yes, our favourite disco dons return with an epic adventure in glittering 21st Century disco as their latest single Falling Deep In Love sails into view featuring the legendary Kathy Sledge at the helm. One listen to this beauty and you’ll be all on board the good ship Horse Meat Disco for life. With every play and at every gig the hands have been raised as high as a Severino’s flag pole. Or something equally camp like that. Disco bear with me, I’m running out of ocean flavoured ding-dongs.

Add a seriously classy remix by Joey Negro and all are more than shipshape on this latest Glitterbox Recordings steamer. But then with Seve, Jim, James and Luke delivering the disco we were always gonna be ready to give that special HMD salute. Here’s to many more disco days and nights falling deep in love with them. Saucy sailor suit optional. Obviously.

Horse Meat Disco ft. Kathy Sledge Falling Deep In Love is out now on Glitterbox Recordings. Click here to buy. Yes, buy not steal people. Remember hometaping is killing music.

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