Perfect Distraction: ABBA – The Visitors (Mighty Mouse’s Edit For Jim)

To say we love this track is an sequined covered understatement. To say we’ve played this way too many times, way too late, on way too many soundsystems is an even bigger one. And now with this epic Mighty Mouse Edit For Jim those plays will only increase as we feel nothing but the disco love for this lesson in synth pop perfection. One listen and you’ll know – this is going be the soundtrack for the best of times. And we can’t wait to be part of it. Mighty Mouse. Keeping it and us and ABBA off the hook since September 12th 2019.

ABBA’s The Visitors (Mighty Mouse’s Edit For Jim) is out now on Bandcamp. For a very limited time if Epic have anything to do with it. Buy it on Bandcamp today. Click here to buy. Yes buy it, dont steal. Remember people, hometaping is killing music.


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