The Spotify Ones

We love a chart. We love a playlist. We love Spotify. Our chance to share with you the tunes we love. Be it 1BTN, Club Barbra, B,Please!, Horse Meat Disco, Decent, Syndicate Party, Zanzibar or Brighton Pride this is how we play. From disco to house to back-to-ours and more, The Wildblood and Queenie Spotify Ones allows us to connect to you and your favourite streaming service as we prep you for the weekend ahead. Or that session afterhours. Or that moment on your allotment. Or that wiggle at the bustop. Or that must-sweat gym bunny moment. (Whatever that maybe). However you take your playlist, Wildblood and Queenie have one waiting just for you. Just check out Wildblood and Queenie on Spotify and come join us for a hour (or fifteen) of the good stuff.

Wildblood and Queenie on Spotify. If you like a lot of disco, house, electronica or random Club Barbra moments of joy on your biscuit, join our club.


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