Spotify Sessions: The Decent One

As we head towards our debut Decent session at The Tempest Inn on Friday 20th September we thought it was the right and proper time to share our latest disco Spotify Sessions, The Decent One. (See what we did there?) Nothing but spins and sparkles as we delve into our dusty disco boxes and pull out some of our favourite cowbell infused corkers. All for your streaming pleasure.

Enjoy and then come and join us at Decent at The Tempest, Friday 20th September 159-161 Kings Road Arches, Brighton. 8pm-2am. Free entry all night. Fundraising for the Rainforest Alliance. DJs Wildblood and Queenie playing an exclusive end of summer six hour set filled with nowt but disco, disco edits, Italo disco, disco fuelled house and, er, more disco. See you at the (beach)front.


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